Grow a more inclusive culture, grounded in respectful behavior

The true cost of a  disrespectful workplace


annual employee turnover costs in the U.S.


higher absenteeism 


lower productivity

Our #1 selling training solution addresses diversity, equity and inclusion

How Was Your Day? delivers:


Immediate impact

Powerful video, interactive eLearning and support materials help learners see and modify their actions' impact on individuals and teams.


Real-life applications

Featuring a diverse cast and wide range of workplace settings, this program uses practical tips and relatable stories to effectively teach the best ways to build a truly inclusive and respectful workplace.


Flexible deployment

Its 4-module design can be used for annual training, onboarding, training spread throughout the year, or as a high-level introduction to each of the four topics.

Preview the solution

How Was Your Day Preview Videos

  • Trailer

  • Module 1: Overcoming Unconscious Bias

  • Module 2: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

  • Module 3: Preventing Workplace Harassment

  • Module 4: Standing Up to Bullying

  1. Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

    Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

    Handling emotionally-charged situations with co-workers or customers is tricky. This program shows employees that, while they can't control the other person's behavior, they can influence it.

    11 min


Train with the best

With 9 awards for cinematic and educational excellence and at the top of our best-seller list since the day it was released, How Was Your Day? is a critical hit.

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