Create an exceptional customer experience

Our Customer Service Excellence solution features programs that help create cultures where employees value customers and enthusiastically work to meet or exceed expectations, before, during and after the sale.

Customer service strongly impacts brand loyalty

95% of Americans indicate that good customer service is important to their brand choice, and 72% are willing to spend more to get it. Consistently high levels of customer satisfaction pay off through increased repeat business, more referrals, and lower customer attrition. Stellar customer service is best for your brand, bottom line, and employees.


Our Customer Service Excellence solution covers service basics and important principles:


Positive Business Impact

Show employees the link between customer service and organizational success.


Difficult Customers 

Equip employees with effective tools to satisfy customers even when problems surface or customers get upset.


Customer Service Essentials

Help employees keep a positive attitude, listen actively, be a good team player, and follow through on commitments.


Preview each course 

  1. What Do You Say?
    What Do You Say?

    This unique program boldly addresses awkward, difficult, and even uncomfortable customer service situations by offering employees the right words to say during these...

    22 min.
  2. Give em the Pickle!
    Give em the Pickle!

    Give ‘em the Pickle! is the bestselling customer service video of the last few decades!  Bob Farrell inspires and motivates with real lif...

    20 min
  3. You've Got Customers
    You've Got Customers

    All too often meaningful service is lost while superficial friendliness masks the problem. Delivering exceptional customer service requires action; meeting customer needs, knowing your product or service, following through and solving problems.

    20 min
  4. So HELP Me - Series
    So HELP Me - Series

    What do customers value most in customer service? Someone who solves problems. Research shows that handling customer problems quickly and correctly will retain or even build customer loyalty. 

    34 min
  5. What's Your Pickle?
    What's Your Pickle?

    This customer service training picks up where Give 'em the Pickle leaves off. Bob Farrell presents a series of inspiring and fun-filled stories that exemplify th...

    17 min

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